Parts of an Event


1) Food – hors d’oeuvres, stations, buffet, or plated (or mix of 1 and 2/3/4)

2) Drinks – mixers, lemons/limes, coolers, ice, tea (sweet or unsweet), lemonade, water (tap or bottles), bartenders. (We can’t provide alcohol.)

3) Dishes, Utensils, Drinkware – plasticware or biodegradable, rented (or a mix of both)

4) Staffing – kitchen, servers, carver, station attendants, bussers (we will determine amount needed)

5) Serviceware – chafers/sternos, platters, bowls, tongs/spoons, and platter/station décor- want silver/white/glass? (Serviceware/décor comes with staffed events)


1) Once you determine the food style you are going for, then be sure to visit to our website menus to give us an idea of foods that may interest you. (You don’t need to plan your menu; we just need some examples of foods you like!)

2) Next, let us know your plans for drinks. We can provide everything but alcohol. Let us know if you’ll need any of the items on the list. See “staffing” below for information on bartenders/staffing.

3) Then, let us know your plans for utensils and dinnerware. We can provide plasticware if you need, or we can help you determine what you will need to rent. We recommend Event Works, Sometimes, people prefer to use some plastic and some glass (ie- plastic plates and wine glasses).

4) Next, let us know your vision for staffing needs. Do you want servers to plate your buffet meal or attend your stations or do you want them to be self-serve? (Some stations require a staff person.) We will determine the amounts of staffing you’ll need for your menu: a carver, passers, waiters, bussers, and how many bartenders you will need, based on your menu feedback.

5) Finally, if we are staffing your event, we include serviceware and décor for stations/platters (ie- whole vegetables/fruits and herbs). If we are dropping off or you are picking up an order, you may choose to have your foods in aluminum pans, on plastic platters, or use our real platters/utensils for return the next day. (There may be an additional charge.)

We look forward to serving you!!