Luncheons and Showers


Whether it’s family and friends, a corporate event for your staff, or the members of your association, luncheons bring people together to share a meal.  Sometimes you need everyone to remain at work, so a buffet is setup in a main meeting area of your facility. Staff members file through the buffet line after attending the presentation you have worked so hard to complete. At other times, a beautiful outdoor setting with linen and a plated meal is called for…weather permitting of course. Guests dine on the multi-course lunch menu you have selected. Have a few guests with special dietary needs? No worries, we can take care of it.  Get started on planning your luncheon!

Bridal and Baby Showers

It’s the day of your shower. This celebration marks a pivotal event in your life, be it a wedding or a new member of the family.  The invitations have been received, the balloons are hung and you are ready to enjoy the day.  As your guests arrive, they are direct to the buffet that’s setup with your hand-picked menu that you know they’ll enjoy. Everyone sits with full plates, chatting how happy they are to be included in your day. A line starts to form at the dessert table that’s full of tempting treats, a tray of sliced fruit, and a cake that will be sliced and served to guests with coffee. Contact us today to plan your celebration!

Where to begin?

On this page you’ll find images of previously catered Grand Strand gatherings and links to our menus and suggested venue options. You are not limited by either of these options of course, but it’s a starting point to begin the process.

“As I predicted, I have all the bragging kudos for GCA! Katie and Gwin did a superb job setting up a beautiful display, making our guests feel welcome and allowed me and Justin to fully enjoy ourselves! Money well spent! The food was delicious and spot on for all ages, and our guests did not go hungry. I was thankful for the handful of foods we had left over- made for a great brunch the next day. Thank you, thank you!!!!!”
– M. Sharp