Cocktail and Holiday Parties

Cocktail Party

The music is playing as your guests mingle, chat and enjoy the evening. Our experienced bar staff will ensure your guests have the cocktails of their choosing. While our wait staff pass around those crowd-pleasing hors d oeuvres you knew your guests would enjoy, other guests are serving themselves to the hors d’ oeuvres beautifully presented on a linen-covered table. A cocktail party is a sure fit for corporate events or a festive night with family and friends!

Engagement Party

You said YES! Now it’s time to celebrate this special occasion with your family and friends. Guests dine on passed and stationary hors d’oeuvres, including tuna wontons and mini mason jars with duck & grits to name a few. You decided to take this party up a notch with a chef-attended station. Guests line up as the sushi chef rolls up what is now the talk of the party! Ready for another cocktail? Head over to the bar where our eager bartenders await to fill your glass! Contact us today to plan your event!

Holiday Party

Tis’ the season to give thanks! Whether the guest list includes your family, friends, or the crew of individuals who make your business tick, this party will be one for the books! There’s a crowd gathering at the artfully arranged grazing display. With so many flavors from which to choose, how can one resist? There’s not an empty glass in the room. Hearty and popular passed hors d’oeuvres such as tomato pie bites and mini country ham biscuits weave through your crowd. Some guests have a plate of sliced beef from the carving station in one hand, and decadent desserts in the other. Watch out though, you might be in charge of holiday party planning next year after this event!

Need a venue?

If you need help picking out a venue, we can make some suggestions – visit our venue page

Where to begin?

On this page you’ll find images of previously catered Grand Strand gatherings and links to our menus and suggested venue options. You are not limited by either of these options of course, but it’s a starting point to begin the process.

“Thank you very much for the delicious food you created for us! The compliments just kept rolling in for the delicious offerings. You made the entire process of planning and executing the dinner so very easy for me. Again many thanks.”

– V. Lear